#jetsetnanny does aruba.


Last week I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Aruba and shoot for Vêtu de Joy with some amazing ladies. You should know I’m currently writing this from an AirBnB in Cartagena Colombia. You should also know I’m flying out to New Orleans in a week and a half. I basically live on a plane now. If you’ve been around for a while, and if you’re a fan of Lady Hustle Mag, you remember my travel anxiety piece, “Toronto made me Brave.” Well almost a year later, here we are. Jet set nanny all day. Aruba was magical y’all and I wanted to share it with you.

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2016 musical recap.


playlistIf you follow me on snapchat, Instagram or twitter, (really any social platform), you’ll see I’m notorious for my love of music. On snap I have my feet on the wall sessions and I’m always telling y’all what I’m obsessed with on insta. So I thought, why not recap all of my most played songs of 2016. According to Spotify, these are my most played out songs of 2016. You are welcome <3

What have you guys been listening to? Leave your favorites in the comments below.



vsco app.


You walk into your favorite marble table coffee shop, and to no one’s surprise, you see at least 4 people taking an overhead shot of their pretty table setting. So you decide today’s the day. You’re going to try and do the same thing. You do! You take the pretty coffee & matcha latte shot, but it doesn’t look like a dream because Instagram filters make everything look insane. Well, I’m here to share a few of the mobile photo editing tips I’ve learned.


If you visit my insta, you’ll see I’ve developed a semi-consistent look and feel to my feed. I normally use the same two filters and the same editing app. So here’s what I use:

Here are some things that you should know about VSCOcam. Not all filters are free, and I’m pretty sure the one I swear by isn’t free.


But for $29.99 you can get ALL. OF. THE. FILTERS! I don’t recommend this to everyone, but it is fun to have if you’re just looking to experimenting and finding your perfect filter. I found a filter that works for 99.9% of the images that I take on my phone. It works so well, that this summer I shot an event that needed real-time photo editing, and I uploaded my high res DSLR photos to my phone so I could quick edit through VSCOcam. Read More