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no, I don’t want to have coffee with you.

06 22 17

I have crowned myself the queen of everything. No seriously. I even made an enamel pin with my friend Bananna which you can purchase HERE (shameless plug). This means I’m also the queen of meetings. Prior to my travels, I was in 3-5 meetings a week. Most of them were work related and sometimes there would be a few coffee dates. Actually, there were a ton of coffee dates. I fucking HATE coffee dates. Not all of them though. I LOVE grabbing tea with my friends and hearing all about their lives and adventures. But before you get all judgmental and offended, here is why:

Most people that want to have a coffee date with you don’t actually want to have a coffee date WITH you. They want to sit down and get information from you. Or as the famous line says, “pick your brain.” Granted we’ve all been guilty of that. Someone has something that sparkles and we’ve just got to know how they got theirs that damn shiny. Needless to say, I have had life changing coffee dates. Sessions where we talk about life, personal growth, ways to better ourselves and help each other. But those have been few and far between. Or coffee dates where you can just kick it because the person wants absolutely nothing from you but meaningful quality time. I can dig those.

My personal life mantra is “Protect your Magic.” I have this written down on several pieces of paper around my office, and right before a meeting an alarm goes off that reads “Protect your magic.” Your knowledge, ideas, feelings. All of those things add up to the magic that is you. You can’t just give that shit to anyone. The great Rupi Kaur (purchase Milk & Honey because I’ve read it front to back over 20 times and it is my bible) once said…

Rupi Kaur Milk and Honey

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