Dear Instagram,


Dear Instagram (or is it myspace? I can’t really tell right now),

You should absolutely know that all of the opinions that I will state in this open letter (quite frankly to no one) are my own, and I am not speaking for the entire Instagram community, BUT WHAT THE FUCK? First of all, I really appreciate you not wanting me to miss anything, but I don’t care to see photos from SEVEN days ago at the top of my timeline followed by 4 photos by the same person. I understand that engagement is important and all of that, but not everyone that I follow is a social media influencer with 49 thousand comments per photo.

Here is why your new algorithm is the worst decision ever made:

A chronological timeline is better:

I would love to wish someone a happy birthday after seeing their birthday post on their actual birthday. I shit you not, I saw someone post a GORGEOUS flat lay with their cake, some confetti, cute shit and a bunch of other birthday accessories. The caption was so precious and I immediately squealed with excitement. IM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY. But wait… your birthday was 5 days ago, and I’m just now seeing it because Instagram’s algorithm was made by Tom and the Myspace rejects. If you’re going to impose this confusing and oftentimes annoying algorithm you should at least allow us to be able to choose the order in which we would like our timeline to appear.

Press 1 for satan’s algorithm, or press 2 for a normal chronological timeline.

the voice

Your algorithm only benefits extremely popular Instagrammers

From my observations, I have concluded that your dumb ass algorithm only benefits the people who are already killing it on the gram. So now you have influencers doing THE ABSOLUTE MOST in order to get their photo to show up at the top of someone’s timeline. Comment groups, fake likes, fake followers, etc. Speaking of which… how y’all have the entire brain space to make such a shitty algorithm but ya’ll still can’t delete fake followers and likes from all these tricks? I’ll wait…

sponge bob

Even as an influencer myself, Instagram is still a place to see what my friends are up to, and to see what strangers I love to follow are up to as well. I don’t want my timeline to exclusively be a 4 scroll dedication to 5 huge influencers and their last 7 photos IN A ROW. I want to see the people who don’t have over 10k, and I want to see the people who aren’t always trying to sell me something without having to have push notifications for their posts. Yes, for a lot of us, Instagram is part of our business, but it shouldn’t be an obligatory business platform for everyone. I’m just tryna see my friends’ cats man.

Seeing the same campaign advertised consecutively by different influencers blows.

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and the first couple of scrolls were either Google Pixel campaigns, skincare campaigns, or the same curly hair product advertised by different people. Either y’all are being ass holes which is just “here are some Instagram famous people selling you the same shit at the same time,” or your algorithm is just dumb. It could be both, I don’t know. I also get the same photo multiple times on my feed as I’m scrolling down. I SAW YOUR CHANEL BAG THE FIRST FIVE TIMES.


Maybe there’s some hidden logic in your new algorithm that benefits all of your users. If that’s the case, then teach us because I don’t fucking get it at all. But if you aren’t going to teach us or if you aren’t going to stop changing it every 6 weeks, then give us options. Instagram has and should always be a community to connect people from all over the world, not a sales platform or a popularity contest. If I wanted to participate in that bullshit I’d re-enroll in high school.

mean girls

All in all, I really miss Instagram for what it was and not for what it is right now. Needless to say, I still love this community and I’m so grateful I am a part of such a great platform. Most of my business referrals come from Instagram. Believe me, I am super grateful, but when a platform begins to favor a specific kind of user over all of their users for monetary gain or whatever the motive is, it becomes discouraging for everyone. I don’t want a fucking top 8. This isn’t Myspace. I just want the old Instagram back.



30 comments on “Dear Instagram,”

  1. Oh my god 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    I’ve been WAITING for this post! I love all of this . So much truth.

    I am so over getting yelled at by friends for missing shit and I miss seeing the pretty event posts that I used to see all the time!

  2. Thank you! Thank you!! Muchas gracias!! For sharing your letter to Instagram subject: Stupid new algorithm. Enlightening! True! Classy & smart ass-y!!!

    Your video from your travels was also awesome!! You rock!! Proud to see a Dominican sister rock shit to its core.

    Feliz Año nuevo….2018 here we come!’

  3. “She want that old thing back” and me too! I had to stop what I was doing to read this because I knew you’d be right on the $ with it. I get IG is a business and all but options for how users would like to see their content would be nice.

  4. The struggle is definitely real! You pretty much summed it up. I can be sitting with a friend and upload a post and they don’t see it. The weirdest thing ever!

  5. The truth in this is astonishing! I hate the fact that Instagram is now a popularity contest where I can’t see my actual friends post but I can see blogger A B C and D’s latest sponsored post! WTF. I feel like on Instagram I’m now just potential customer.

  6. I approve this message LOL yess to all of this. Facebook is on the same shit that is why I had to shoot them the deuces. Fuck a newsfeed I want to see the most recent shit from ALL of my friends not the same shit from like 10 people UGGGHHH! Also the IG bots can die a slow death while watching a loop of ol agent orange 45 complimenting himself while snapping non stop selfies.

  7. My feelings exactly! I love creating and taking great photos, editing them and sharing them but Instagram almost makes it not worth it. It’s why I plan to pour so much more into my blog and less into the gram in 2018.

  8. Truly hope Instagram reads this because holy shit enough is enough! This shit is making me not even want to open the app at all!!

  9. You literally just made my whole entire year in the 11th hour with this letter!

    I’m so glad Shay from the Princess And The P shared this on her IG stories!

    Perfectly written and full of major truth bombs.

  10. Thank you! Signed the petition and absolutely agree! This has been my biggest criticism of IG to date (besides maybe allowing different dimensions to allow full photos!). It is quite frustrating to have lost engagement, drastically, since the algorithm started being utilized. The dual option is a great idea, I’m confident most will choose chronological and IG will realize their algorithm needs a lot of work!

  11. What’s makes it even worse is that IG puts in your feed people you don’t even follow (recommended posts)!! WTH. I already don’t get to see the posts from people I follow then you put in a bunch of posts from people I don’t follow.

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