5 reasons why you should have a media kit


That right there is my personal 2017 Media Kit cover page. Over the last 3 years, I’ve dabbled a bit in the minimalist design. Which is just a fancy way of saying “I know how to do seven things on photoshop + illustrator.”  I’ve obviously grown thanks to the internet and lots of client work. The projects I love working on the most are media or press kits/pitch decks. These kits allow clients to showcase the very best parts of their work, blog, business or service. Sort of like a social resume, you know? Now before I tell you why you should have one, I’m going to tell you when you should get one. I could totally say “right this very second!” Just so you could hire me and I could go finally resize this damn Gucci belt, but I won’t.

You should make a media kit when you feel like you’re ready. When you’ve got enough content to put on paper.  When you’ve got enough experience, or ideas to showcase your ability to deliver the service or craft you are pitching. Even if you are pitching yourself as a brand, you have to ask yourself “is this enough vital information for a brand and client to need not look elsewhere and still be convinced?”

If you feel like you’ve got it, like you’ve done enough campaigns, or you’ve made enough mock-ups. Serviced enough clients, and have enough experience to throw some pitches out into the universe, then let’s get it boo!


The image you see above is a list of brands I’ve worked with.

“Hi my name is X and I do Y here at Z. I love your brand, and I really feel like my followers would love the products that you offer. Reasons why I’m awesome. More reasons. Reasons why you’re awesome. Reasons why we could be awesome together, etc.” 

Although a well-written paragraph that pitches your potential collaboration sounds like a dream, it’s oftentimes not enough. So let’s extend the conversation.

“I have attached my media kit. In this kit, you will find a bit about me, my work, site analytics and statistics from previous collaborations. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.” (You don’t have to be this formal. I determine my level of chill according to brand).

Point is, you want to give them what they need before they ask. Learning more about you directly from you is also important. Showing them the number of average blog views, engagement and findings from your previous collaborations will really help show the value of your potential collaboration, especially if you’re pitching for monetary compensation.



So you’re not a blogger?  No problem. But if you’re a business owner, you need to make money right? Actually, if you’re a human who wants to live you need to make money, RIGHT? Let’s use fitness as an example. You’re a personal trainer or a health coach. You can sit with your potential client and explain all of the benefits of your service, but when that client walks away will they really remember everything you said? Being able to say “I know this is a lot of information, but I’ll be happy to e-mail you my info kit. It contains information on what we discussed today, as well as some testimonials, detailed packages and FAQ’s.”

Now, you can have all of that on your website, true. However, there is some information that you took the time to come up with. You did your research, and you put in the work to create these brilliant ideas. You can’t put every gem out on the internet. But again, this is also information that you can just list on your site if you’re comfortable with doing so. I guarantee you though, if they don’t have to go to your site, visit FAQ’s, a pricing page, an info page, and whatever else you think they need, they can just get that entire thing wrapped up in one document, they are more than likely to close the deal. I’ve seen it time and time again.



So what you see above is one of the pages in my MK where I showcase some of my best work. Anyway, you’ve done it! You finessed your way into the heart of the lovely PR lady and now she just has to go pitch you to her boss. If you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted all of your I’s, this should be a piece of pie. Example:

Hey Boss,

I just connected with this amazing influencer (business person, service provider) and I think they would be a great match for our upcoming campaign (or product gifting). Here is their site: You can click around and see all of their information there. Below you can find their rates and contact information need be. Let me know if we can get an approval on this.



Sheryl (I feel like there’s always a boss with this name),

I know that we have this incredible campaign coming up. I wanted to forward information on this influencer I came across. In this e-mail, you will find a detailed press kit attached. It includes information like rates, analytics, previous collaboration statistics and more. Let me know if we can go ahead and add her/him to the list. I think they’d be a fantastic asset to this project. They seem to be worth the tapping into our budget for,  and after viewing this kit, I’m sure you’ll agree. 


You basically did all of the work for them. These people are hella busy, and they are not trying to go on an Easter egg hunt all over your site to see who you’ve collaborated with, how many bottles of soap you sold, and how many clients you made happy.



So you’re new to the business of blogging, or business in general. The comment I hear most new entrepreneurs make is, “I don’t have a large  following yet.” I’m here to tell you, that shit does not matter anymore. I’ll tell you a quick story about a friend I have who is currently in the middle of a campaign with one of America’s top auto brands. SHE HAS THREE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. End of story. But seriously, all she did was come to be and ask me to build her a media kit. She brought me information from previous collaborations. She had VERY FEW,  previous collaborations, BUT what she did have was amazing ideas for how she could be an asset to ANY partnership. Instead of a lot of “this is what I’ve done,” we added a lot of “this is what I can do.”

So far with this collaboration, we’ve seen that her engagement is incredible. The car company hosted an event which she personally invited her followers to. With a cap of 75, she had over 400 RSVPs. 75 seats were filled, and we got a whole bunch of other information that we are now adding to her kit so that new potential partners can see what she is capable of.

I’ve mentioned this before, I have 17 thousand followers on insta. 400 on Twitter and a handful of FB friends. If I post a bottle of lotion, 17 thousand people aren’t buying lotion. If we rely solely on numbers, partners and collaborators will be incredibly disappointed. Having a media kit will allow them to see what happens on the back end. What REALLY happens on the back end. Keep in mind that partnerships are sometimes hit or miss. You should only be pitching yourself to brands you truly believe in, and you feel will resonate with your demographic.



I’ve created many websites, blogs, and kits in my day (I ate oatmeal for breakfast and so I feel like that statement really escalates my level of adulting). I’m currently working on 4 media kits and two websites. People want to go grow, and when they want to grow they invest in their brand. Investing into your business is so important. That’s the thing I tell people all of the time when they hit me with the “that’s way too expensive. I can do it myself for a lot cheaper.” Then BYE. But guess what? Those people come back 5,6,9 months later when they’re struggling to grow.

If you don’t think you are worth your own investment, how are you supposed to convince people to invest in you? Pay for the consultation, save the money, get your life and come back so that you can GROW. There is so much room for learning, and for prosperity. Literally, all you have to do is make the right moves.

One of my favorite sayings ever goes something like, “If you do not like where you are, move. You are not a tree.” Make the moves that will move you in the right direction. Because the last reason is YOU. You owe it to yourself, to your creativity, to your ideas and your magic. Whether it’s a media kit, a website, accounting, a consultation or photography. Whatever service you need to invest in to grow, do it.




I’ve done plenty of collaborations and campaigns where I’ve been like “The F is this even?!” I’ve also participated in plenty of campaigns where it’s been rewarding for both parties involved. When I worked with Google for the Google Pixel phone, people actually went out and bought the phone. Now I don’t use it because Verizon is not my carrier, but I was able to give it to someone who now has a poppin’ work phone that makes communicating on the job WAY easier.

The point is if you believe in the product, and you believe you can deliver. PITCH THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF. You got this!

In a super over saturated market, do the thing that will set you apart from the rest. And if you’d like some encouragement, here are a few of my friends I’ve done work for who have grown immensely after investing in themselves.

My girl Bree of The Tall Society is now brunching with Tall ladies everywhere ALL OVER THE WORLD. She invested in a media kit and was able to secure sponsors and close deals because of her hustle and charm, but also having the paper to back it up. We all know the fashion queen, Kyrzayda. I created her logo, website, media kit and I am her house photographer. She has grown immensely and continues to do so because she invests in herself constantly. Honestly, I could list this stuff forever but it means nothing if you don’t have the desire to do better for yourself.

If you’d like info on how to get a consult, or how we can build a kit, shoot me an e-mail by filling out this form HERE. Now go get your life!

You’re welcome!

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  1. This is everything !!! Thank you for sharing! I agree 100% on investing in yourself. You have to know your worth (and understand that it grows as you grow). 😜

    1. Armelis,

      Thanks for reading babe. I’m so glad you agree and know your worth. That will take you so much farther than any following will!


  2. This was very helpful information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will definitely be in touch.

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