Dear Revolve,


Hey, bb’s! It’s been exactly ten days since my post about Revolve and their lack of diversity. Can I just start this off by saying that I am so proud of us? I am so proud of the new spaces that have been created for us and by us. I am incredibly proud of everyone who has spoken up, taken action and spread the word. This issue has really united our community and it has inspired so many to help each other out by sharing information and educating each other.

But there’s still an incredibly large elephant in the room. An elephant that Revolve has not only refused to address, but they’ve now chosen to ignore. I’m sure y’all saw on Instagram that quite a few influencers received the following email:

This was my response to that email:

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Christmas With Kia


Happy 2018! It’s the New Year. Chase and I had an incredible Holiday break. He gets to go home about 3 times a year and so we took two weeks off to go back to his home in Arizona. Now I had never been out to Arizona, so we decided it’d be an incredible idea to visit Sedona, Flagstaff, and of course The Grand Canyon. Our friends over at Kia Motors were kind enough to let us take this road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in none other than the brand-spankin’ new 2018 Kia Stinger.

Before I go all landscape crazy on you guys with Grand Canyon pics let’s talk about the new Kia Stinger. First of all, there was not a person who approached us to talk about the car that didn’t start their conversation with “I can’t believe that’s a Kia!” Honestly, when you see it, you’ll probably think the same thing. Kia is known for their reliable family cars, and most recently their luxury-feel sedans. But this bad boy is a head-turning machine.

I seriously felt like the queen of everything driving around in a shiny red car. Now let’s keep it G for a second. My current car is a 2007 Suzuki SX4. I’m certain it came out when I feel they weren’t really sure what they were doing with the eco-car thing yet. My car has a lot of manual adjustments, and it definitely does not have the cool features I love about the Stinger. This sounds silly, but my favorite feature on the Stinger is how you can adjust the height of your seat. I was like, “OMG I’m tall!” and it was amazing. OH, and HEATED SEATS! Read More


Fifty Shades of VSCO M5 beige



our little geta-ouai ✨ @theouai #revolvearoundtheworld

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Last night we saw that a well-known brand, @Revolve, has once again gone under fire for being extremely non-inclusive. This post shows top influencers on a trip sponsored by Revolve. If by now you don’t see the problem in this post, you are part of the problem. There is no diversity being shown here. A brand like Revolve, which has 2m+ followers should be using their reach to promote inclusion, acceptance, and equality of all shapes, colors, and sizes. But nah, here we go again with the 50 shades of beige influencers. ‘Cause now everyone’s feed has to be yellow and everyone is promoting a fruit or vegetable. [insert avocado and sweet potato emoji here]

Now before you get all social media defense attorney on me, I am in no way shape or form saying that these women don’t work hard to be where they are. At some point, I’m sure they certainly had to struggle between which sponsored luxury bag photo to post first. Most fucking certainly they were conflicted about which island they should go get their sponsored box braids done. And the thing that grinds my gears the most as a person of color, is that these same women pictured above claim to stand in solidarity with my people but continue to work with the brands that deliberately exclude my kind.

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New Year, Do you.


Happy New Year bb’s! Just like that, another year has flown by. Except now I have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to listen to Christmas music, but whatever. The new year is usually super exciting for most people. “New year, new you.” It’s a chance for you to reinvent yourself. A chance for the list makers and the goal setters to impress us all with their ability to write words down.

the great gatsby

Here’s the thing though. If you aren’t a list maker or a resolution setter, IT’S OKAY. Scrolling down all of my timelines this New Year, I saw several kinds of people. There’s the “New Year, new me” group. The “I’m not setting resolutions so that you know I am better than you because I’m already perfect” people. And then my favorites. The people who didn’t make you feel like shit for not having a 34 slide power point presentation on why 2018 was going to be your year. I love those people and those are the people that you should be surrounding yourself with this new year.

Dec 31, the clock strikes midnight. It’s a new year, it’s exciting. New Beginnings. We get it. You took it as the gunshot that indicates the beginning of the New Year race. You tell yourself things like “I will hustle the hardest,” and “I will crush this all too long list of things I need to accomplish.” Now while there is nothing wrong with that, remember it’s not an obligation. Repeat after me:


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Dear Instagram,


Dear Instagram (or is it myspace? I can’t really tell right now),

You should absolutely know that all of the opinions that I will state in this open letter (quite frankly to no one) are my own, and I am not speaking for the entire Instagram community, BUT WHAT THE FUCK? First of all, I really appreciate you not wanting me to miss anything, but I don’t care to see photos from SEVEN days ago at the top of my timeline followed by 4 photos by the same person. I understand that engagement is important and all of that, but not everyone that I follow is a social media influencer with 49 thousand comments per photo.

Here is why your new algorithm is the worst decision ever made:

A chronological timeline is better:

I would love to wish someone a happy birthday after seeing their birthday post on their actual birthday. I shit you not, I saw someone post a GORGEOUS flat lay with their cake, some confetti, cute shit and a bunch of other birthday accessories. The caption was so precious and I immediately squealed with excitement. IM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY. But wait… your birthday was 5 days ago, and I’m just now seeing it because Instagram’s algorithm was made by Tom and the Myspace rejects. If you’re going to impose this confusing and oftentimes annoying algorithm you should at least allow us to be able to choose the order in which we would like our timeline to appear.

Press 1 for satan’s algorithm, or press 2 for a normal chronological timeline.

the voice

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Tools I use to Up my Hustle


Hi, interweb! Ah.. it feels we haven’t chatted in forever. Well, that’s because we haven’t, but today I’m here to FINALLY share a list of my favorite hustle apps. These are apps that I use to make running a business, breathing, thuggin’ and thriving possible. Becuase of my anxiety and depression, it’s important for me to have my hustle down to a science. Now, here’s my disclaimer: these apps only work if you are consistent. They won’t all work for you, but they will help you develop a system that will ease the burdens that hustlin’ can bring. I do apologize in advance, none of these apps make coffee or food.


$2.99 iPhone — $50.00 mac

by fantastical

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Veggie Tacos



Hey, frenz! I’ve recently (9 days ago) decided I’d stop eating meat for a bit. Now before you continue reading, you should know I’m not committing to anything. I still think a medium rare piece of steak is the universe’s gift to man. HOWEVER, I know that we tend to eat so many processed meats, and you really don’t know where your meat comes from half of the time. It’s been a fun week and change though! I’ve learned to get super creative with my meals, and I’m eating more often which has always been my struggle because I tend to get lazy or busy and I won’t eat. I’m sharing this recipe because it legit took me 15 minutes to make this. Honestly, maybe even less. I give you veggie tacos! Read More